By: Lauren Moses

The woke faculty and administrators within higher education are at it again, this time at the University of Mississippi.

Last week, the university’s Division of Diversity and Community Engagement launched a campus climate survey seeking student opinions on how the school is meeting student expectations. Started by a coalition of students, faculty, and staff, the survey’s catchphrase is “your voice, your campus.” But rife with leftist terminology, it’s clear the survey isn’t meant to represent all students.

Including the now typical lexicon of woke language such as ableist, heterosexist, and genderqueer, the survey seeks to create oppression where none exists and make students feel oppressed despite the incredible opportunities available to them.

The survey alleges rampant homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia are prevalent on campus, then asked students to report any of these instances that “interfered” with students’ ability to learn, live, or work at Ole Miss. Of course, the survey also suggested anyone who was made to feel uncomfortable *merely* due to these questions could reach out for help from the university.

Naturally, the survey was awash with flawed leftist redefinitions of gender, which the survey defines as “a person’s inner sense of being man, woman, both, or neither.”

As I filled out the survey, I realized that no matter how I responded, the creators of this survey wanted me to claim victimhood. I couldn’t be tough and allow hateful statements often lobbed at conservatives to be ignored. Instead, Ole Miss wants any adverse conditions or difficult situations—those that are a part of everyday life—to define who I am. Rather than encouraging the rising generation to become victors in their lives, Ole Miss is working to create a student body of victims.

The same office that sponsored a lecture series on the importance of promoting intersectionality is now looking for more reasons to ask the campus to fund diversity and inclusion initiatives. Instead of hosting debates on topics that are actually pressing and deserve our attention the creators of the survey want people to hide behind a screen and complain about their lives. They value all types of diversity, but not intellectual. Nothing productive can come from that.

The havens intended for learning and studying are quickly turning to leftist echo chambers. This campus climate survey is just one way the University of Mississippi is contributing to silencing conservatives and promoting the leftist way of thinking.

Lauren Moses is the Vice Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Mississippi.