Members of the Women’s Rugby team at Ohio University recently decided to erase the word “women” from their team’s name in an apparent attempt to be more inclusive of “transgender” and “non-binary” students.

In an event listing discovered by the New Guard, the “Ohio University Womxn’s Rugby” team describes itself as “a club sports team that encourages inclusivity in sports.”

The team began using the woke and unpronounceable term “womxn” in place of the traditional and correct spelling of the word in late January.

No public announcement of the name change was made, and the New Guard was unable to reach the team’s “spokeswomxn” for comment.

It’s somewhat unusual that the team appears to have made this bizarre change voluntarily. In many cases, such decisions are made by leagues and are not well-received by the biological women whose chances at winning championships or being the most valuable player instantly shatter when forced to compete against men.

Ohio University isn’t the only school that has a “womxn’s” rugby team. DePaul University, the University of Texas, and Occidental College in London have also made the change.

The word “womxn” has emerged in recent years as an alternative to the traditional “woman/women” in order to “challenge gender norms and patriarchal language,” according to Vox. The Left is implementing its radical agenda by destroying the English language and using coercion and fear to enforce the use of its new vocabulary.