By Gabrielle Dankanich

New York University hosted a panel discussion on “Sexual & Reproductive Justice” Wednesday evening, featuring four staff members–including Dr. Sarah Leonard, who defended the actions of violent abortion activists following the landmark Dobbs victory in the Supreme Court, according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

“Join us for a panel on sexual and reproductive justice to spread awareness about advocacy motives and initiatives on campus and beyond,” reads the event description posted on Instagram.

In addition to her role as a professor, Leonard serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Lux Magazine, a Marxist-feminist quarterly publication. In one of her most recent articles, she states her belief that the pro-life movement is “an intimate attack on anyone who can get pregnant, a white supremacist strategy for growth, a religious imposition.” 

Further, Leonard argues that “the medical establishment is notoriously sexist […] and racist,” in addition to making misleading claims that self-managed abortions are safe. A “safe” procedure, of course, would never result in the death of an innocent child.

She goes on in the article to defend local vandalism incidents targeting pro-life pregnancy resource centers and suggests that she and her fellow leftists should “play rough.”

Also on the panel was Danielle Elleman, whose official job title is “Associate Director of Sexual and Relationship Respect Services.” 

The “sex-positive” administrator hosts a podcast, “Good Sex at NYU,” in which she and her co-host go into graphic detail about their extensive sexual histories and give disturbing advice to the student audience.

Young America’s Foundation staff attempted to tune into the panel event’s live stream but were promptly removed from the Zoom meeting.

A few weeks ago, the NYU Student Government Assembly released a statement committing the organization to advance the Left’s abortion and gender agendas on campus.

“From abortion pills on campus to queer and trans healthcare, we are committed to pursuing efforts that ensure all identities have the resources they need to feel empowered within themselves,” it reads. 

The vast majority of the student government’s work this year has been related to these causes. The self-proclaimed “voice of the entire NYU student body” even went so far as to call for donations to a regional abortion fund shortly after the summer’s groundbreaking Dobbs decision.

New York University has proven yet again that its goal is to provide its student body with unchecked and uncontested leftist dogma.