When members of Notre Dame Young Americans for Freedom arrived an the quad to set up their flag memorial as part of YAF’s 9/11: Never Forget Project, they were met by sidewalk graffiti reading “500,000 Iraqis murdered” written in chalk beneath the campus flagpole.

“We find it very sad that somebody attempted to anonymously, under the cover of night, desecrate the site of our memorial remembering the death of nearly 3,000 innocent humans with this unnecessary rhetoric,” stated Matthew Bartilotti, Notre Dame student and member of Notre Dame YAF’s executive board.

Notre Dame YAF were undeterred by this attempt to trivialize the loss our nation suffered on September 11, and stand united to provide students the opportunity to remember the 2,977 innocent lives claimed by murderous radical Islamists.

Their patriotic display is a stark contrast to the divisive rhetoric chalked at the site of their memorial.