Photo Credit: Matt Cashore

In the wake of Notre Dame President John Jenkins’ inane decision to cover murals on campus depicting Christopher Columbus, one alumnus dispatched a letter to President Jenkins to express their disappointment. The alumnus subsequently notified the Notre Dame Young Americans for Freedom Chapter of the decision to cut ties with Notre Dame:

“I am a graduate of the EMBA program at Notre Dame. Fr. Jenkins has received a letter from me taking on his decision about the murals. I also informed Fr. Jenkins that, after making significant donations since graduation, I have resigned from the Cardinal O’Hara Society, will release season football tickets and make no further donations, as well as take Notre Dame out of my will. A similar letter went to the head of the O’Hara society.

I just signed your petition, and will encourage others to do so. I also encourage you to contact members of all giving societies and ask them to resign their respective society. Unfortunately, money talks at ND. 

Keep up the good work.”

It’s apparent to anyone not blinded by the ignorance of political correctness that this decision is ridiculous. Notre Dame’s choice to cave to the PC Police sets a dangerous precedent for cultural cleansing on campus whenever intolerant leftists deem a piece of art or historic figure unfit for public consumption.

The Notre Dame Young Americans for Freedom petition to uncover Notre Dame’s Columbus murals can be signed here.