Hampshire College, a private liberal arts school in Massachusetts, hosted a leftist sex-ed Zoom workshop Thursday afternoon led by a disabled sex toy seller and “assistive masturbation” instructor named Evan Sweeny.

Aside from the presenter and two administrators, the New Guard was the only other participant on the call.

Despite the lack of Hampshire College students in attendance, a 10-minute abridged version of the presentation (which was originally scheduled to last over an hour) still took place.

Sweeney started off with an overview of the “six different categories of gender identity,” followed by a list of various LGBTQ+ sexual orientations.

The very brief presentation concluded with a lesson on the “Gender Unicorn,” a diagram frequently employed in elementary and middle school classrooms to recruit young children into the Left’s cult.

The New Guard took the opportunity to ask Sweeney how he would answer Matt Walsh’s famous “What is a woman?” question. “A woman is something that a person can define for themselves if they choose to be it,” he answered.

Because private institutions are not subject to open records access laws, it is unclear how much the college paid the presenter for the event, which was sponsored by the Queer Community Alliance Center, the Division of Student Affairs, and the Division of Justice, Equity, and Antiracism.

It’s very refreshing to see that no students were interested in hearing the nonsense that Sweeney had to share. 

Hampshire College, which charges $52,738 in annual tuition, should be ashamed of itself for wasting its students’ hard-earned money like this.