A group of leftist Jewish students at Northwestern University recently penned an op-ed denouncing the school’s president, after he openly criticized violent anti-police protestors.

In a piece published in the Daily Northwestern last week, 90 Jewish Northwestern community members argued that NU President Morton Schapiro “weaponized” his Jewish identity to “distract us from the cries for justice currently being led by Black abolitionists at Northwestern and to legitimize anti-Black sanctions against them.”

“Schapiro, as a White Jew, does not face the kind of systemic brutality at the hands of police that Black and brown NU students and Evanston residents do,” the op-ed wrote. They also encouraged activists to continue pushing for the abolition of campus police.

Their op-ed follows a public statement by Schapiro which condemned anti-Semitic rhetoric and purposeful provocation of violence by protestors.

The radical Left is at it again––defending senseless acts of violence against campus police all in the name of being “woke.” We should be applauding President Schapiro for refusing to kowtow to the mob––something other university presidents should be taking notes on.