Each year the Young Americans for Freedom Board of Governors names a Chapter of the Year after considering which chapter stands out from the rest with bold activism to influence their peers and advance YAF’s mission.

In addition to being named Chapter of the Year, the winning club receives a $10,000 grant for campus activism.

Here are the 2017-2018 nominees for Chapter of the Year:

University at Buffalo

For the second year in a row, University at Buffalo Young Americans for Freedom (UB YAF) is a finalist for Chapter of the Year. UB YAF thrives despite existing on a university packed with socialist students who lash out at any ideas aside from their own. UB YAF has triumphed over the many slanderous attacks hurled by their leftist peers, influencing more and more students and educating them on America’s founding principles. Starting out with just 12 members, the YAF chapter now has over 50 members actively participating in their events, including YAF’s flagship initiatives such as the 9/11: Never Forget Project and Freedom Week, as well as hosting speakers including writer and columnist George Harbison and the ‘Factual Feminist’ Christina Hoff Sommers.

The George Washington University

Located in the heart of our nation’s capital, the George Washington University YAF chapter (GW YAF) works tirelessly to preserve the founding principles of our country. GW YAF committed itself to educating peers on conservatism no matter the adversity they face from their peers or university administrators. When promoting their event featuring Senator Rick Santorum, the chapter successfully resisted attempts from the GW administration to force them to pay onerous and biased security fees. GW YAF also wallpapered their campus with over 2,000 flyers as a result of several attempts from the Left to censor any mention of the event. In addition to their event featuring Rick Santorum, GW YAF also hosted Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock, organized a debate between Senators Rand Paul and Ron Wyden, and held a widely popular event dubbed “Ask YAF” where GW students could pose tough questions on conservatism to the chapter’s executive board.

University of Michigan

University of Michigan Young Americans for Freedom (UM YAF) continues to build its legacy as an institution on its campus. Since its inception, UM YAF has endured countless attempts from leftist administrators and students to muffle the conservative voice. Nevertheless, the chapter continues to prosper, growing from 20 members to more than 60 in the 2017-2018 school year. This year, the chapter hosted senior military aide to President Bill Clinton Buzz Patterson, as well as Christina Hoff Sommers. In addition to Young America’s Foundation’s flagship projects, UM YAF organized a Second Amendment week in March to advance a conservative solution to end gun violence – a perspective their peers did not hear in the news or in their classes.

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Having been named Chapter of the Year for 2016-2017, University of Wisconsin – Madison Young Americans for Freedom (UW YAF) continues to stand as a model YAF chapter. In light of their previous successes, UW YAF developed an action plan to further bolster their already substantial influence on campus. This year alone, the chapter hosted several events that required UW YAF to overcome leftist opposition. Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich was protested with a profane demonstration held by “C*cks Not Glocks” agitators who attempted to shut down the event. Radio show host Dennis Prager spoke to a packed lecture hall holding more than 300 students despite leftist attempts to shame and scare off attendees. UW YAF also hosted former NRA president David Keene to discuss the importance of Second Amendment freedoms and his time as a student activist. In addition to their lectures, the chapter also organized a popular free speech panel and firearms safety courses for its members, as well as an initiative to address radical leftist policies created by the University of Wisconsin’s student government.

Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Though just wrapping up its first year as a recognized club, Hobart and William Smith Colleges Young Americans for Freedom (HWS YAF) succeeded as one of the most successful chapters in influencing their student body. HWS YAF faced some of the most severe adversity on campus: Forced sensitivity trainings from school administrators; a slanderous open letter attacking the chapter posted throughout the school; threats of defunding and revoking the chapter’s status; campus security turning a blind eye to threatening behavior; and individual members having trumped-up bias incident reports filed against them. Faced with all of this, HWS YAF was undeterred, growing stronger and more prominent on campus. In just their first year, HWS YAF recruited over 100 members and developed a strong community for conservatives at their school. Throughout the year, HWS YAF hosted author Nonie Darwish, Super Bowl champion Burgess Owens, Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich, and Daily Wire host, Andrew Klavan. The chapter also organized a campaign to send veterans handwritten thank-you letters.

To learn more about starting a Young Americans for Freedom chapter at your school contact Kyle Ferrebee via kferrebee@yaf.org or 800-USA-1776.