Rove at UWMUC-Merced student government leaders are denying the conservative viewpoint on campus. 

Conservative activist, Mike Fincher, and his club at UC-Merced were working hard to raise funds from their school to host Karl Rove next fall. They submitted the budget to the associated students to pay for Rove’s fee. However, the students government president, Juan Carmen, removed their budget request. No other group had their funding removed from the proposed budget. This Tyrant-in-Training Carmen claims this is because he didn’t like the fact that Karl Rove’s honorarium would take up some of the budget.

I wonder if Carmen complained when the school spent $1,000,000 in security costs to bring Michelle Obama to speak at graduation? Obviously he is not concerned about intellectual diversity considering that the only conservative speaker that has appeared this school year is Chris Horner. Yet there has been a parade of liberal speakers including Jimmy Carter, Dr. George Lakoff, candidates from the Socialist Worker Party, including their vice presidential candidate, and others.

Earth to Carmen: the student government’s funds should go to support speakers of all viewpoints and not just those who embrace your own narrow viewpoint. Let other students decide whether they want to hear Karl Rove. You alone shouldn’t be the one to choose what ideas students are exposed to.

Thankfully, others on campus disagree with Carmen’s actions. Political Science professor Stephen Nicholson said he supports the idea of conservative speakers on campus, “We haven’t had any conservative…figures of stature come to campus,” he said.

Hundreds of students and even the school’s chancellor have signed a petition in support of hosting Karl Rove at UC-Merced.

There is still a chance the budget will be amended next week and the funding for Rove will go through. Stay tuned.

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