Last week, alumni, speakers, and friends of the National Journalism Center gathered at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. for a reception to mark 40 years of truth-seeking journalism and the impact the National Journalism Center has had on media over the past four decades.

In continuing the celebration, here are 40 moments of NJC history over the years:

  1. In 1977, the National Journalism Center (NJC) was founded by Stan Evans, a longtime professional in the field.
  2. William McGurn joins NJC in 1980 before continuing on to work for both the Wall Street Journal as well as President George W. Bush.
  3. Wall Street Journal’s John Fund joins NJC in 1981.
  4. New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell joins NJC in 1982.
  5. New York Times bestselling author and campus speaker Ann Coulter accepts an NJC internship in 1985.
  6. Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld joins NJC’s program in 1987.
  7. Stan’s book The Theme is Freedom, is published in 1994.
  8. NJC’s first website comes out in 1998 as http//
  9. NJC reaches over 1200 alumni in 1998.
  10. Washington Examiner commentary editor Tim Carney joins the program in 1999.
  11. Past NJC director Kirby Wilbur authors Say the Right Thing in 1999, a collection of talk radio’s favorite conservative quotes.
  12. In 2001, NJC merges with Young America’s Foundation from the The Education and Research Institute.
  13. Former YAF spokesman, Emmy-nominated TV host, and New York Times bestselling author Jason Mattera joins the program in 2003.
  14. In 2004, Alex Mooney is hired as Executive Director of NJC.
  15. 2006 – Timothy Carney (NJC ’99 alumnus) publishes The Big Ripoff: How Big Businesses and Big Government Steal Your Money.
  16. 2007 — NJC holds its 30th anniversary dinner with special guest and featured alumna Ann Coulter at the Press Club.
  17. Longtime speaker Robert Novak passes away in August of 2009.
  18. Grae Stafford leads video bootcamp sessions for students that help develop basic video editing, audio editing, and storytelling skills.
  19. 2007 – two summer interns participated in New York City internships at the Sean Hannity Show and National Review Online.
  20. NJC graduate Hannah Giles exposes corruption at ACORN in 2009.
  21. NJC has its largest summer class of 41 students in 2009.
  22. Fall 2011 – I-team is introduced, working with alumnus Bill McMorris.
  23. Distinguished alumni Greg Gutfeld publishes The Joy of Hate: How to Triumph Over Whiners in the Age of Phony Outrage in 2012.
  24. NJC students respond to the Navy Yard shooting in 2013 with pieces by Douglas Barclay, Melissa Quinn, and Katie Howland.
  25. Former NJC executive director Jerry Norton passes away in December of 2013 after having served as director beginning in 2012.
  26. Executive Director Kirby Wilbur begins a Second Amendment education partnership with the National Rifle Association.
  27. NJC alumna Sarah Westwood begins working for the Washington Examiner upon completion of her NJC internship during the fall of 2014.
  28. In 2014, Tom Phillips is appointed Chairman Emeritus of the Board, and T. Kenneth Cribb is appointed as Chairman of the Board.
  29. Alex Mooney, past director of NJC, is elected to Congress in November of 2015, representing West Virginia’s 2nd district.
  30. Working alongside Rep. Alex Mooney is former NJC academic director Stephen Smoot, who now serves as Eastern Panhandle Director for the Congressman.
  31. NJC ’87 alumnus John Hood is named president of the John William Pope Foundation in 2015.
  32. NJC moves to Reston in 2015, allowing for a larger classroom setting for Friday sessions.
  33. Past NJC Board of Governors Member Kellyanne Conway steps down in 2016 to serve as Counselor to the President.
  34. Frequent speaker Elizabeth Donatelli takes over the program in the spring of 2016, and continues to serve as director today.
  35. NJC brings back NJC alumna Carrie Sheffield for a dinner and networking night in Washington with the summer class of 2017.
  36. NJC brings back spring program after two years for a spring class of 2018.
  37. Former NJC executive director Kirby Wilbur is named to the NJC Board of Governors, alongside 2013 graduate Gabby Morrongiello and longtime speaker for the program John Gizzi in the fall of 2017.
  38. NJC celebrates its 40th anniversary at the National Press Club and has the opportunity to hear from NJC alumnus and Fox News host Greg Gutfeld (class of 1987) on November 30, 2017.
  39. Over 1,000 NJC alumni continue to work in media outlets nationwide, striving to uphold truth-seeking journalism and counter bias in the industry.
  40. As of the fall of 2017, NJC’s Board of Governors is led by the wisdom of T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr., Esq., Ronald Pearson, Christopher Bedford (Daily Caller News Foundation), Katie Pavlich (Townhall), Gabriella Morrongiello (Washington Examiner), John Gizzi (Newsmax), Kirby Wilbur (KVI), Rep. Alex Mooney, Alex Marlow (Breitbart), Emily Jashinsky (Washington Examiner), Rich Lowry (National Review), Tom Winter, Thomas Phillips, and Terry Eastland.

We are excited to see where the next 40 years will take YAF’s National Journalism Center and the students who come through our program!

Kelleigh Huber serves as program officer for YAF’s National Journalism Center.

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