Tens of thousands of students packed lecture halls across the country for YAF campus lectures in 2017, and millions more watched live as conservatives boldly shared freedom’s principles from even the most liberal campuses. YAF’s trademark question and answer sessions saw leftist ideas wither in the face of reality and truth.

We can’t wait to see who you’ll bring to share conservative ideas in the new year, but here are some #YAFonCampus lectures from 2017 that show no school is too liberal to pack a lecture hall for the open exchange of ideas from some of the Conservative Movement’s biggest names.

Ben Shapiro @ the University of California, Berkeley

Newt Gingrich @ Cornell University

Carly Fiorina @ Southern Methodist University

Ben Shapiro @ Marquette University

Rick Santorum @ Princeton University

Katie Pavlich @ Oklahoma Christian University

Dinesh D’Souza @ Brandeis University

Rachel Campos-Duffy @ California State University, Los Angeles

Dinesh D’Souza @ the University of Memphis

The full list of campus speakers available through Young America’s Foundation can be found at YAF.org/speakers, and our upcoming campus lectures are available at YAF.org/events.