The editorial board of the New York Post published a strong statement of support for the University of Wisconsin’s (UW) Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter in Sunday’s paper, writing that YAF is a “Reaganite bunch,” all about, “spreading love of free markets and other conservative ideas.”

Wisconsin YAF was recently the target of a petition drafted by the school’s “Student Coalition for Progress” that asked the university to shut the chapter down and send its members to diversity training, all because the club hosted a successful lecture by Ben Shapiro.


The Post’s editorial board responded by saying, “Happily, the petition bombed, scrounging barely more than a couple hundred signatures. But the effort shows yet again that ‘shut up’ remains the central argument of the campus left.”

“Sadly, the kids who need re-education — or, rather, a basic education in the fundamentals of civilized discourse — are the ones in the Student Coalition for Progress,” the editorial concluded.

This comes on the heels of the Chicago Tribune’s editorial board publishing a piece in support of DePaul’s YAF chapter last November.

The media is paying attention. YAF is the premier outreach arm of the Conservative Movement, taking a stand for free speech and conservative ideas on college and high school campuses around the country. Join our nationwide movement to be a part of the organization that’s creating real change in the next generation of Americans.

One final word of advice to UW’s Student Coalition for Progress: Not only did your petition fail miserably, but your efforts were denounced by the editorial board of one of the most-read newspapers in the country. Next time you decide to take on YAF, think again.