Leftist students at New Mexico State University are putting their intolerance for conservative ideas and speech on full display ahead of next week’s campus lecture featuring Matt Walsh.

Images obtained by the New Guard show many anti-Walsh and pro-abortion messages chalked throughout the sidewalk in front of the Student Union.

One of the chalked messages calls Walsh a “jerk” for holding pro-life and pro-marriage views. “Abortion is healthcare & sex work is valid,” it reads.

“I’d rather kill myself than cary [sic] a pregnancy to term,” a student named Gauge wrote.

“Bi? Pan? We love everyone and their abortions,” reads a chalking written beside another attack against Walsh’s pro-life and biologically true beliefs.

Instead of childishly calling him names, why don’t those who disagree with Walsh’s viewpoints take advantage of the opportunity to hear what he has to say and engage in civil debate during the question-and-answer session? 

Free tickets for this Tuesday, April 4, event are available here.