By: Charlie Jones

A New Mexico college Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEIC) claimed that the school’s land was taken unjustly and under “false white-supremacist ideologies,” according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology is considering the inclusion of a “land acknowledgment,” recognizing who they believe to be the rightful owners.

According to internal emails, the school’s DEIC is proposing a land acknowledgment stating that the college’s land in Socorro, New Mexico, was not lawfully taken. The acknowledgment also claims that these “injustices” were perpetrated under “false white-supremacist ideologies,” including manifest destiny. 

According to an email from the Director of Student Affairs Michael Voegerl, the acknowledgment is in the process of being reviewed by the Division of Student Life. Following approval, it will rise through the bureaucracy and a final decision will be made by the University’s President and Board of Regents.

A representative for NMT’s Student Life department told YAF that a land acknowledgement would allow professors and lecturers the ability to acknowledge the original or rightful owners of the land the school is on. It would also be used before large events or formal proceedings.

 In 2021, YAF reported that the NMT DEIC accused Star Wars of cultural appropriation when it was suggested they add the word “Justice” in order to make their acronym “JEDI.”

Our universities have a clear and deep-rooted hatred for our country. This much is obvious in the countless attempts to delegitimize the United States’ ownership of states like New Mexico. It’s clear that wokeness has become the operating ideology of our universities, including NMT, and we must continue to fight back.