WTC 911The tenth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks are quickly approaching, and we are honored to be working with students at more than 240 college and high school campuses who are working hard to ensure those who were murdered are not forgotten.

The Obama administration has tried to change the meaning of 9/11 by turning the anniversary into a politically correct “national day of service.” They would like you to forget not just the nature of the attacks, but how their left-wing allies on college campuses reacted merely days following attacks. When most Americans were coming together and proudly showcasing their patriotism for their country, the Left was eager to denounce our country.

The following are just a few of the examples of the extreme attacks by campus radicals on the American way of life:

1.  Hours after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, University of New Mexico History Professor Richard Berthold told students in his Western Civilization and Greek history classes, “Anyone who can blow up the Pentagon has my vote.”

2.  Radical student organization BAMN, based at the University of Michigan, whose mission includes defending racial preferences by “any means necessary,” states in a recent press release that, “U.S. military and foreign policy has reaped hatred, any U.S. retaliation will escalate the hate of the U.S. and worsen an already bad situation.”

3.  MIT Linguistics Professor Wayne O’Neil, a member of the MIT Committee on the Middle East, spoke of U.S. soldiers painting sarcastically happy messages on missiles to be launched on Iraq.  “Is this not as bad as Palestinians celebrating?” he asked the crowd.  O’Neil also criticized previous United States policies and called for “Operation Peaceful Justice” rather than “Operation Infinite Justice,” so that Americans can “bring ourselves and our country to justice, not just the perpetrators.”

4.  A teach-in at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, entitled “Understanding the Attack on America: An Alternative View,” featured speaker William Blum, author of Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower.  Blum equated the United States with terrorist states, saying, “There are few if any nations in the world that have harbored more terrorists than the United States.”

5. David Horn, a student columnist from the Michigan Daily at the University of Michigan, presumes that the United States deserved to be attacked, stating, “…the action taken by the terrorists on Tuesday are not completely unwarranted.  We try to forget about the way this country behaves internationally – that we too often behave as terrorists.”

6.  A Penn State University group called “The Village” went ahead with a planned protest complaining about prejudice in America just four days following the attacks. Speaker Jennifer Storm, a member of the Lambda Student Alliance, compared the fear that many Americans are feeling after Tuesday’s attack to the emotions felt by minorities daily. “I mean no disrespect,” she said, “But welcome to the reality of so many people every day.”

7.  Once again, race-hustler Jesse Jackson turned a national crisis into a race issue during a speech at Harvard Law School.  His speech, titled “America’s Response to Terrorism,” stressed that the main goal of the U.S. should be to stop prejudice and the country should “build bridges and relationships, not simply bombs and walls.”

8.  Kathryn Duke, a student columnist for the Chronicle at Duke University writes, “The words ‘freedom,’ ‘liberty’ and ‘democracy’ are great words.  But when they are used by the media to summon a nationalism so potentially destructive as that being bred now–the sight of the flag burning would be preferable to me to its display across America, across the hearts of Americans.”

9.  During an anti-war protest at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, protestor Verdell DeYarman equated flag waving to murder, stating, “It disturbs me to see all the flags out supporting the slaughter.”

10.  University of Wisconsin–Madison’s former Campus Relations Committee Chairman, Adam Goldstein, likened leaders of the U.S. to some of the notorious murderers of the 20th century.  His letter to the editor of the Badger Herald states, “…before you preach at us about the evil terrorists, why don’t you try getting your facts straight and face up to the reality that our leaders are war criminals just as much as people like Hitler, Stalin and other monsters of the 20th century.” 

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