Amy Wisner, a professor at Michigan State University, is on temporary leave after requiring students enrolled in her Marketing Communications course to purchase annually renewing subscriptions to her personal “Patriarchy Rebellion Community” website.

The leftist professor, who has taught in the business school at MSU since 2011, included the $99 membership requirement in the course’s syllabus. 

A landing page from which students were required to purchase platform access describes the website as a “virtual community” that “exists far, far away from the internet bullies and trolls.” Wisner offered a more frank description of her “community” in a now-deleted June Facebook post, writing, “The Rebellion community is a safe place to coordinate our efforts to burn everything to the fucking ground.” She added that “100% of membership fees are donated to Planned Parenthood.”

Behind the paywall, she posted PDF files and YouTube videos that promoted her social justice agenda rather than anything remotely relevant to the subject matter of the business course.

Wisner’s students weren’t afraid to hold back after discovering that the platform was Wisner’s own. The New Guard independently reviewed dozens of chat messages between the professor and some of the students she apparently swindled. When one student asked why she couldn’t simply use the university-provided learning management system (which students already pay for with tuition dollars) to upload the course’s content, she dodged the question, replying “wouldn’t that be nice? Tuition is ridiculous, you guys. I honestly think that this is the future of education.”

With more than 600 students enrolled in her course this semester alone, Wisner has likely collected tens of thousands of dollars in revenue from her students. She has failed to keep her story straight regarding the way she uses the funds. During one class session, she told students that the revenue is used to bring in guest speakers. A GoFundMe page states that she’s using the funds to buy herself a “Rebellion RV.” Her website states that “100% of membership fees are used for awareness, education, and activism for a BULLY-FREE FUTURE™.” And, of course, her Facebook post claims that everything goes to Planned Parenthood.

The payment agreement that students agreed to when purchasing access to Wisner’s “Rebellion Community” requires students to remember to cancel their memberships in order to avoid a $99 renewal charge and stipulates that “membership fees are non-refundable.” 

“I would like my money to go toward my education – not toward a party bus for the professor, her activism, or to an organization I do not personally support,” Zachary Friedman, a member of MSU Young Americans for Freedom and student in Wisner’s class, told the New Guard

On Wednesday evening, shortly after Friedman and other students filed complaints against Wisner, students were notified that she will be “temporarily unavailable for class.”

When Young America’s Foundation attempted to reach the professor to provide her with an opportunity to explain her actions, an automatic response stated that she “will not have access to her email for an undetermined amount of time.”

“This matter is currently under review by the college. To protect the integrity of the review, I am unable to share additional information at this time,” Dan Olsen, a spokesman for the university, told the New Guard.

Young America’s Foundation’s legal team is working with several of Wisner’s students to rectify this scandalous situation and secure refunds for all of her students.

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