By: Charlie Jones

A private school in Georgia requires students in its Master of Education program to take a Critical Race Theory course in order to graduate, according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tipline.

Students in the Master of Teaching Program at Brenau University must take “Curriculum and Pedagogy in Multicultural Education” as a part of their program.

Prior to beginning the course, students are required to take a pre-attitudinal survey in which students are asked to rank their level of agreement with certain statements.

One of the statements posed to students reads, “Institutional racism is always due to racial prejudice.”

“Teachers should understand how schools perpetuate cultural racism.”

“Most school textbooks and instructional materials are racist because they emphasize white people and omit stereotype minorities,” another said.

One of the textbooks used in the course is entitled Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives (10th ed) edited by James A. Banks and Cherry A. McGee Banks. Sections in the book include “School Reform Should Be Antiracist and Antibiased” and “School Reform Should Be Considered within the Parameters of Critical Pedagogy.”

Chapter 9 of the textbook is titled Backstage Racism: Implications for Teaching. Some of the learning goals listed are “compare and analyze the ways that White students and students of color write about racism in their journals…” The text argues that teachers have an “obligation” to try to “bring about change in the racial dynamics of the United States.”

Despite the Left’s repeated and vehement denial of the existence of Critical Race Theory, our institutions of higher education reek of it. What’s worse is that these students will eventually teach the next generation. It is students’ and YAF activists’ duty to hold their schools and teachers responsible for furthering this dangerous and racist ideology.

Charlie Jones is the chapter chairman of Michigan State University YAF and a contributor to The New Guard.