Some studies try to prove that leftist faculty only
exist in the minds of undereducated students. 
A new UCLA study shows that a left wing profession has only gotten more
so since 2008.

The Higher Education Research Institute study of 800
psychology professors, researched by Yoel Inbar and Joris Lammers shows
alarming trends. 

First, the number of self-identified “far left”
professors jumped from 8.8 to 12.4 percent. 
Added to the 50.3 percent who see themselves as “liberal,” (up from just
over 47 percent), this means that two-thirds of college faculty identify
themselves as left of center.   

College campuses have grown into a Bizarroworld
reflection of America.  A 2011 Gallup
Poll shows that in 2011, 40 percent of Americans identified themselves as
conservative.  This number has actually
increased since 2008. 
 Only a little over 20 percent call themselves “liberal.”

While America grows more conservative, campuses get
more leftist. 

“Middle of the road” and conservative faculty numbers
both dropped on campuses.  Moderates lost
3 percent and conservative numbers fell by 4. 
Those calling themselves “far right” were almost statistically non-existent.   

As the Left consolidates its grip on education, they
continue to fail students.  A December
2011 Chronicle of Higher Education
article explained that employers have grown frustrated with the lack of
workplace skills in college graduates. 

America must deal with challenges that are,
according to Young America’s Foundation president Ron Robinson, a “direct
outgrowth of higher education’s preoccupation for more than a generation with
race, class and sex. Those themes have been preached — to the exclusion of
rewarding merit, individual freedom and the American dream — at almost every

They have also been preached at the expense of the
basic knowledge that a person needs to understand citizenship. 

 A GFK Roper survey of 300 college graduates shows
that American citizens failed to answer basic questions about the Constitution,
Civil War, and other important developments. 

While some blame the standardized testing of public
schools, colleges have the opportunity to ensure that their students understand
how America became a great and exceptional nation. Many professors prefer to
disparage the nation.  Students almost never
hear about their natural rights, or how a government exists to protect, not to
destroy them.  They never gain an
understanding of the importance of the individual and his or her role in a free
society.  Only rarely in a classroom will
they hear about how an economy truly functions.  

If citizens do not understand where we have come
from, they cannot grasp where we are today, nor can they make informed
decisions about the future.  

 By the way, the guy in the picture is Leon Trotsky


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