This week, lawmakers in Washington D.C.’s city council proposed new legislation that would censor any gendered language in the city code, including terms like “manhole,” “fireman,” and “manmade.” You can’t make this up.

According to the bill’s author, David Grosso, the bill would remove any defaults to masculine pronouns and nouns, ensuring that the city code is “modernized and reflective of our values.” The bill would remove any mention of gendered pronouns and replace them with “they” and “them.”

This proposed bill is the latest push from local governments across the country to enact politically correct nonsense in order to make people feel “safe” and “welcome.” Berkeley, California, was the first major city to redo its city code in order to be more gender inclusive. Because, apparently, words like “policeman” and “chairman” cause severe emotional distress among residents.

It’s obvious that D.C.’s lawmakers truly have their priorities in order– rather than focusing on issues striking the city such as rising deaths from homelessness and education budget deficits, they are intent on politicizing basic grammar to satisfy the woke Left’s agenda. I weep for future generations who will look back at this phase of obsession with anti-science gender pronouns and laugh at our lawmakers’ willful ignorance.