A public school district in Michigan promoted the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization on day 21 of its “21 Day Equity Challenge,” after pushing pseudoscientific leftist talking points for a month, according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tipline.

Farmington Public Schools urged students and their families to create a “personal action plan” on the final day of the challenge, wherein they were encouraged to “Join a Black Lives Matter or an affiliated protest” and “Donate to bail efforts supporting people arrested for protesting against injustice.”

They were also told to vote and campaign for candidates who “advocate for racial justice,” “Speak to at least one friend a week about racial injustice,” and “Commit to posting at least one social media post a day about racial injustice,” among other concerning prompts from the school district.

On day eighteen, “Microaggressions,” the district told students, teachers, and their families that the statements “America is a land of opportunity,” or “I believe the most qualified person should get the job” are “microaggressions.”

Some of the other microaggressions included, “Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough,” “Being forced to choose Male or Female when completing basic forms,” and “America is a melting pot.”

The “21 Day Equity Challenge” also set aside a day for “Gender and Sexuality” in which the district parrots the lie that people can choose to be a man, woman, or “nonbinary,” and teaches that gender is merely “assigned” at birth.

On this day, they linked a website titled “GenderSpectrum.org” as reading material.

According to the website, “A person’s gender is the complex interrelationship between three dimensions: body, identity, and social gender.”

On day seven, “Race and Class Privilege” students were given a race checklist to identify how much white privilege they wielded over others.

Some of the other days featured topics such as “Identity and Intersectionality,” “Ableism,” and “Gender Equality.”

Farmington Public Schools did not respond to YAF’s request for comment in time for publication.

We have come to expect this nonsense from left-wing universities, but what’s most concerning of all is the proliferation of this ideology into K-12 education across the country. Not only that, but public schools are funded with taxpayer money. Essentially, students are being indoctrinated at a young age with pseudoscientific dribble that will almost certainly cause them harm, and it’s all being done on the American taxpayer’s dime. The only way we can fight this is to continue to expose it wherever it exists.