By Brendan Pringle

 breitbart-stroblAfter a year-long free speech battle, the Young Americans for
Freedom chapter at Grosse Pointe North High School has finally
received approval for a flyer campaign that was rejected by former
principal Tim Bearden.

In March 2012, the school’s YAF chapter president, Grant Strobl,
requested Bearden’s approval of a “Respect ALL Women” flyer
campaign, which highlighted conservative women like, Michelle
Malkin and Sarah Palin, who had been verbally attacked by the Left.
The campaign was an effort to celebrate Women’s History Month.

After glancing at one of the flyers, however, Mr. Bearden deemed
it “vitriolic” and “inappropriate,” and barred the chapter from
posting the fliers. Interestingly enough, the “Black Power” display
in the main campus bulletin board didn’t have to go through the
same approval process as the “Respect ALL Women” posters,
permitting liberal staff members to put up “politically-related
statements” without direct permission.

Grant fought back and exposed this hypocrisy of this decision on
the Young America’s Foundation blog. It was subsequently picked up
by several news outlets, including Breitbart, The Daily Caller and

One year later, Grant has continued his fight and emerged
victorious. Bearden has been relieved of his duties, and the
current principal-Mrs. Murray-has allowed the posters to be placed
on school walls with some minor adjustments to the original

Murray requested that the YAF chapter post the “Define Yourself”
posters next to all the “Respect All Women” posters in order to put
them “in context.”

The posters have been placed in the showcase at Grosse Pointe
North, and have generated a significant amount of campus

“We feel that this is a good step towards free speech and civic
minded discussions on campus,” Grant commented.” Grant commented.
“These posters will provide the intellectual diversity that
education has been lacking.” 

Brendan Pringle is a development officer at Young America’s

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