Well, folks, it’s happening again.

Young America’s Foundation announced that Ben Shapiro will be appearing on a college campus—through YAF’s Fred Allen Lecture Series—and the Left has lost it. This time, it’s Stanford University where Shapiro will be speaking, and woo-boy the reaction is too good to not let it speak for itself.

“Hatemonger,” is how self-described “writer and artist” Eli Valley—who has repeatedly been criticized for his anti-semitic cartoons depicting Shapiro and others and who has spoken at Stanford through Students for Justice in Palestine—refers to Shapiro. When the conservative students hosting Shapiro at Stanford pointed out Valley’s absurdity, he commented that the “Hitler Youth Stanford Division is at it again.”

This stooge is saying that because conservative students are working to bring Ben Shapiro to speak at Stanford, they are Nazis.

A Stanford alum and another member of the verified elite Eugene Gu says Shapiro’s invitation to speak at Stanford is “an absolute disgrace.” An interesting claim to make, given the good Dr. Gu is one of those who used aborted fetal tissue (read: murdered baby organs) for medical research in rats and was hauled in to testify before the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives.

David Palumbo-Liu, a professor at Stanford, calls conservative students “charlatans,” and praised leftists at Boston University who are trying to get YAF’s lecture with Shapiro on BU’s campus canceled. It’s worth noting this professor co-founded an antifa group, is confirmed to speak at an upcoming anti-Israel Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) conference and has been criticized for recommending “deeply anti-semitic websites.”

The Left trots out these same tired talking points about Shapiro, YAF, and conservatism being dangerous every time YAF and Shapiro announce a campus lecture, and the Left’s blathering is proven untrue at each event. YAF’s student activists work tirelessly despite these grifty lefties and know that their opposition isn’t based on any claimed moral compass, but in fear that conservative ideas will take hold among the rising generation.

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