The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh is partnering exclusively with Young America’s Foundation for his brand-new “What is A Woman?” campus lecture tour this fall.

Walsh will speak on campuses sharing clips from his brand new documentary, “What is a Woman?” and setting fire to the hollow, yet harmful, radical gender theory sweeping college campuses and the nation at large.

Walsh has spoken on campuses with YAF since 2016. His previous appearances have been met with outrageous demonstrations from leftists who claim to feel “unsafe” by his speech. In 2021, hundreds of protestors linked arms and blocked an intersection on St. Louis University’s campus to attempt to hinder the event––which ended up drawing a standing room only crowd.

“I literally traveled the world to find a leftist who could coherently answer the question, ‘What is a Woman?’ As you’ll see in the film, it turns out a college professor was one of the least capable of answering,” Matt Walsh said. “I can’t think of a better way to continue my journey than to go into the belly of the beast–American college campuses–and expose radical gender ideology.  I welcome any of your professors to step up to the Q&A mic and do what none of their radical colleagues and other ‘experts’ have yet been able to do–tell me what is a woman?”

“Young America’s Foundation is thrilled to partner with Matt Walsh on this important tour,” YAF Spokeswoman Kara Zupkus said. “As one of our most requested campus speakers, Walsh is leading the charge against the woke gender nonsense that is being forced on America’s students. We know this tour will break through the liberal groupthink on campuses in dire need of conservative thought.”

Viewers across America can watch the showdowns live from the comfort of their own home, free of charge, by subscribing to the YAFtv channel on YouTube.

To submit a proposal to host Walsh on your campus, click here.