Marquette YAF Stands Up to Leftist Vandals

On Thursday, Oct. 13, campus leftists vandalized a pro-life memorial organized by Marquette for Life.

According to the Marquette Wire, “The group held a ‘Memorial for the Unborn’ Thursday by planting 1,200 blue and pink flags to represent the 1,200,000 abortions preformed in the United States each year.”

The Wire reported:

“Counter-protesters placed coat hangers among the flags and taped signs over existing signs with slogans such as ‘we want doctors, not missionaries’ and ‘my body, my freedom.'”

In response to this vandalism, Marquette Young Americans for Freedom issued a strong statement condemning those actions and underscoring the Left’s hypocrisy.

“Young Americans for Freedom at Marquette University is extremely saddened that the Students For Life memorial was defaced by certain students intolerant of an opinion that they do not agree with. It is extremely hypocritical to claim that you are exercising your free speech rights through defacement while simultaneously trying to shut down the free speech of a student organization.”

The chapter also called on the school’s president to condemn the vandalism and stand up for the unborn.