An introductory theology class at Marquette University asked students to analyze “the structural features of race and racism in the US,” and how those structures “benefit white people from a theological lens,” according to class materials obtained by YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

One of the stated objectives of Theology 1001 is to “apply the notions of structural sin and justice as a structural virtue to identify concrete ways to challenge structural forms of racism in the United States.” The course is taught in rotation by a team of 8 instructors.

The course assigns a reading titled “The assumptions of white privilege and what we can do about it,“ asking students to evaluate the author’s claims of “white superiority” and “white privilege.”

Miranda Spindt, chairwoman of the Marquette Young Americans for Freedom chapter, said the news of this leftist training was unsurprising to her, given Marquette’s trend towards endorsing Critical Race Theory.

“This is not a surprise to me and is not even the worst I have seen,” Spindt said. “Everything from student organization trainings to Campus Ministry and everything in between has been doused with critical race theory. Its only objective is to sow further anger and hate until it seems we must destroy every system in place and build a new world in their image which is the opposite of unity.”

Marquette University did not return YAF’s request for comment.

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