Young America’s Foundation Statement on Marquette University’s Failure to Address Staff Actions 

Marquette University is refusing to answer for the actions of its staff who clearly worked to block access to Ben Shapiro’s upcoming lecture on campus. The administration is ignoring pressing concerns raised by students, alumni, and community members in order to cover up a public relations crisis. Young America’s Foundation encourages everyone with a vested interest in receiving real answers from the university to continue calling, emailing, and contacting the school on social media until administrators come forward with more information.

In a lacking statement to the media, a Marquette communications official brushed off the wave of concerns by simply claiming the issue was “addressed internally.”

That is not good enough.

Young America’s Foundation published screenshots of an MU staffer boasting about her plan to block students from accessing a conservative lecture on campus by encouraging non-students to register and take up all of the tickets to the Shapiro lecture. The staffer in question, Chrissy Nelson, also implicated an unnamed diversity director in the plot, saying that director conveyed that plan to her in a phone conversation.

Chrissy Nelson is still listed on Marquette’s website as staff. Is she still employed by the school? If so, did she face any consequences for her actions?

Has the school identified the diversity director Nelson implicated? If so, did that person face any consequences?

These are not trivial questions. If Marquette students and supporters are paying the salaries of staff members who are using school resources to keep students out of lectures by conservatives, they deserve to know.

Students pay $38,000 a year to attend Marquette and earn advanced degrees. The school needs to explain whether it is providing a fair environment for intellectual inquiry and debate.

It is not appropriate for Marquette administrators to outright ignore the concerns raised by so many key stakeholders. Universities have been getting away with nonsense like this for years.

Do not let MU off the hook.

Marquette University Young Americans for Freedom will host Ben Shapiro on February 8. Young America’s Foundation is the sole sponsor and organizer of the lecture.