Marquette Feminists Demand President Take Action Against Shapiro

A feminist student group at Marquette University (MU) drafted a letter accusing Ben Shapiro of “perpetuating racism and xenophobia,” asking the school’s president to take action regarding Shapiro’s upcoming YAF-sponsored lecture on campus.

“Empowerment,” described on its Facebook page as “Marquette’s Gender Equality (Feminist) Club; dedicated to the promotion of inclusive discussion concerning intersectional feminism,” is circulating the letter to MU President Michael Lovell asking students to add their signatures to “demand [the] university take responsibility.”

The letter begins by stating, “Shapiro is a well-known political commentator who has built a career around perpetuating racism and xenophobia and actively fighting against human dignity, a core principle of Marquette University.”

It continues to say, “Not only does the presence of Shapiro at our university threaten the values we strive to uphold, but it also undermines the theme of this year’s Mission Week, ‘Racial Justice: Black, White and the Call of the Church’ as well as Black History Month, both of which are interrupted by Shapiro’s talk.”

Just a heads up to the ladies of Empowerment, you are not the source of approval for when and how conservative students can hold events. When was the last time you asked them for approval on the timing of your events?

The letter also poses a series of bizarre questions, including, “Ben Shapiro believes racism is no longer an issue for People of Color. How will you explain to Students of Color that the discrimination and microaggressions they experience daily is not an illusion?” and “Ben Shapiro questions the truth that every person is deserving of dignity and respect. How will you maintain the values of Marquette University while hateful rhetoric against certain students is being perpetuated at University-sanctioned events?

Yes, you read that correctly. Liberal student activists at Marquette are threatened that the school’s YAF chapter is bringing Shapiro to campus because he invalidates the experiences of their microaggressions.

Staffers at Marquette are already under fire from the media and alumni after YAF published screenshots exposing their plan to block students from accessing Shapiro’s lecture. Now the radical Left is appealing directly to the university president to impede the event.

So here’s a challenge to MU’s administration: If you care about the conservative students on your campus who are constantly harassed for their beliefs, and if you care about engendering an environment that facilities intellectual inquiry, you will ignore this letter, apologize for the actions of your staff, and send President Lovell to attend the lecture.