Young America’s Foundation is preparing to send the leaders of the Conservative Movement to embattled campuses nationwide this March. While Americans nationwide grow more concerned with the way institutions of higher education treat conservatives and free speech, Young America’s Foundation is engaged with students everyday. Business leaders and champions of the free market such as Carly Fiorina and Steve Forbes are scheduled to appear on campuses in March, as are prominent pundits including Dinesh D’Souza, Rachel Campos-Duffy and Allen West.

Through our training seminars and student conferences we embolden and inspire students to push back against leftist administrations, faculty and students on their campuses, secure their First Amendment rights, and bring the conservative viewpoint to hundreds if not thousands of students with each campus lecture.

Young America’s Foundation has worked with these bold and happy conservative warriors to deliver the often-missing conservative viewpoint on campuses from Cornell to Cal State-LA and Northwestern University to Southern Methodist University.

Later in March, Young America’s Foundation will bring a capacity student audience together in Santa Barbara, California, for its sold-out March High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch. Students will hear from leading conservatives on the issues faced by their generation and gain the historical understanding to place today’s events in context. President Reagan’s son Michael Reagan will be kicking off the weekend-long program by passing on some of the lessons his father taught him.

The students will spend a morning at President Reagan’s beloved Rancho del Cielo walking in the president’s footsteps as they learn about Reagan’s love of freedom, belief in the importance of America’s young people, and strong convictions that led our fortieth president to fight tirelessly for human freedom around the world. High school students in attendance will also hear about our innate desire for freedom from Rachel Campos-Duffy, the history of big government’s failure to beat the free market system from Burt Folsom, the role of media and culture in shaping the Conservative Movement from Alex Marlow, and the truth about some of today’s most prevalent social movements from Derryck Green.

From our student conferences to our campus lectures this March, Young America’s Foundation will expose thousands of students across the country to conservative ideas, President Reagan’s principles, and the opportunities the Conservative Movement has to offer. See below for a list of YAF’s campus lectures booked this March. Students should visit to see our full roster of 80+ lecturers, and check out to register for an upcoming student conference.

YAF on Campus: March 2017

Steve Forbes at Wilkes University (March 1) and Texas Christian University (March 29)

Larry Reed at the University of North Alabama (March 1)

James O’Keefe at Northwestern University (March 1)

George Harbison at the University of California-Riverside (March 2)

Dinesh D’Souza at Trinity University (March 7)

Ben Shapiro at the University of Redlands (March 15)

Lou Holtz at New Jersey Reagan Day (March 15)

Rachel Campos-Duffy at California State University-Los Angeles (March 16)

Star Parker at Northwood University (March 22)

Newt Gingrich at Cornell University (March 22)

Allen West at the University of Memphis (March 27)

Carly Fiorina at Southern Methodist University (March 29)