Malkin CrowdMichelle Malkin spoke Monday night to more than 500 students and community members at Marquette University on “Incivility in the Age of Obama” as part of the Reagan 100 Lecture Series. We should be receiving a video of the speech and we hope to post it or link to it soon.

There was a good turnout in spite of efforts by leftists on campus who repeatedly tore down flyers to keep others from learning about the event. 

Thankfully, Marquette conservatives are no longer willing to let this slide by and are speaking out. We received the following email from a Marquette student.

“As a follow up to our discussion this evening about Malkin posters being torn down and defaced…I began noticing several I had hung myself were no longer in the places I had put them. In O’Donnell Hall and Schroeder Hall specifically, I saw several folded up and on the ground. Others were ether flipped upside down or moved to an entirely different place on the info boards. At O’Donnell Hall, one of the posters had the words “F**K FOX NEWS”  in big, scratchy, bold letters and the “Fox News Contributor” part in Ms. Malkin’s bio was scratched out. This poster was also on the ground. I put it back in the same place I had two short days ago, only to find it removed once again the following day, no doubt a result of the “offensive” language that had been written on it. I also observed that the poster at the O’Donnell hall front desk did not make it to the day of the event, but the “Sara Bareilles” concert poster sure did.

This was just me, in two of the buildings I frequent on campus. I am sure this happened in other places as well.”

Tearing down flyers is a dirty trick used by liberals on most campuses, not just at Marquette. It also another example of the intolerant and childish behavior of campus liberals. Most schools have numerous liberal speakers speak on campus, but when one conservative shows up, liberals can’t control themselves. Pretty sad.

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