YAF Activity Across CountryToday marks the second anniversary of the unification of Young
America’s Foundation and Young Americans for

There are now YAF chapters in more than 37 states on high school
and college campuses where students are working to introduce,
inspire and recruit their peers to become advocates for
conservatism. These chapters are in addition to existing Foundation programs and
contacts on more than 2,000 campuses, and Young America’s
Foundation continues to work with other conservative campus groups
across the country. 

At the time of the merger, Dr. Lee Edwards, who was one of the
nearly 100 young conservatives who founded Young Americans for
Freedom at the home of William F. Buckley Jr. in September 1960 and
founder of YAF’s official publication, The New
wrote, “The Conservative Movement is always
strongest when it is united and focused on the enemies of freedom,
which is why I applaud enthusiastically the merger of Young
Americans for Freedom and Young America’s Foundation. The Left is
hereby put on notice.”

Indeed, this past semester, YAF chapters received more national
recognition from Fox News, the Daily Caller, Breitbart, and many
other news outlets. Just some of the advances YAF has made this
year include:

  • DePaul YAF fought back against 
     by exposing vandals who tore down their
    pro-life flag display
  • Grosse Pointe South High School YAF defeated attempts to
    Rick Santorum
     from speaking before a full school
  • Clemson University YAF stirred debate through their 
    second amendment banquet
  • Hillsdale YAF organized a 
     for Lady Margaret Thatcher and hosted Michael
    Medved and Katie Pavlich
  • Marquette YAF hosted a 
     between Liz Cheney and Howard Dean to a capacity
  • YAF at Cal State Fullerton hosted Ann
     and a screening of FrackNation
  • YAF at the University of Texas-Permian Basin hosted Herman

“Starting a YAF chapter has been the best decision of my college
career,” writes Mississippi College YAF chair Stephan Pitts. “As
soon as you contact YAF about starting a chapter, they reach out to
you and bring you in to their circle of knowledge and experience.
 You get invited to conferences all over the country, you get
materials to help spread the conservative message on your campus,
and most of all, you become a part of the Conservative

YAF chapters were provided with new resources to help them
prevail on campus including the short film, “
The Conservatives
,” activism initiatives, new brochures and
flyers, discounts and transportation to Foundation conferences,
including CPAC, and logistical and financial support to host
prominent conservative speakers on campus. 

To further improve the services provided to YAF chapters, the
Foundation hosted nine chapter chairs at the Reagan Ranch last
weekend. The chairs spent time discussing new campus initiatives,
new outreach methods, and materials to provide to new and growing

Grosse Pointe North Chair, Grant Strobl said afterwards that,
“the strategy session provided YAF chapter chairs an
opportunity to develop ideas to help conservatism succeed on
campus as well as creating new YAF swag and enjoying a memorable
Humvee ride on the Reagan Ranch.”  

Michael Jones, chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom Board of Governors states, “As we mark the second anniversary of the unification between Young America’s Foundation and Young Americans for Freedom, we are further encouraged by the commitment of our members to the conservative principles which have served to advance the cause of freedom.”

You can have the same success! If you want to
promote conservatism, we will help you to quickly establish your
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