In the past three days Young America’s Foundation hosted PACKED lectures by key conservative superstars on ten different campuses, reaching more than 500,000 people on campus and online through our live streams.

We’re not exaggerating.

Our lectures are creating substantial impact on campuses by telling the real story about conservative values. They share the facts professors REFUSE to teach. Don’t believe us? Just read these statements from students and parents:

“It was really an honor doing this for YAF and certainly the greatest experience of my life. Thank you!” Cameron Kawato, Texas Christian University

“Events like these help bring in new people and help express ideas that are rarely heard on our campus.  We cannot thank you and all the people at YAF for your help.” Ben DuBois, Gonzaga University 

“I am so happy that my campus was exposed to authentic conservatism.” Francisco Navarro, Bowdoin College

“I just wanted to say thank you for inviting Ben Shapiro to speak at TCU!! I am a mom of a freshman at that college and am happy to hear that she had an opportunity to hear Mr. Shapiro speak.” Bonnie Frieler

Also, check out these pictures taken this week featuring students so interested in our speakers, they’re sitting on the floor, standing against walls, and listening from hallways, all for a chance to hear conservative ideas.

Between Tuesday and Thursday, YAF sent Ben Shapiro to Clemson University, Texas Christian University, and the University of Texas- Austin,Dinesh D’Souza to Bowdoin College, the University of California Los Angeles, and Vanderbilt University as part of the D’Souza Unchained Tour, Lt. Col. AllenWest to Gonzaga University and the University of Central Missouri as part of the Fred Allen Lecture Series, Steve Forbes to Oklahoma State University as part of the Ken and Janice Shengold Advancing Freedom Lecture Series, andKatie Pavlich to the University of Minnesota.

Our online live streams of these lectures have been watched more than 100,000 times in the past two days alone.

Thanks to the hard work of our students and staff, and the generosity of our supporters, thousands more college students across the country are heading into next week better informed about conservative ideas.

We’re TAKING OVER college campuses.

This is what a substantial youth movement looks like.