A sorority at Louisiana State University kicked out a dues-paying member for posting a TikTok criticizing transgender ideology.

The Delta Tau chapter of Alpha Phi at LSU terminated a dues-paying member for posting a TikTok that the chapter deemed “political.” The seven-second long video in question, which has since been taken down, used a Bee Gees song, “More Than a Woman” and featured a photo of Rachel Levine, the transgender U.S. assistant secretary for health.

After posting the video, Emily Hines received the following email and text from a fellow member of her sorority:

According to publicly available rules, sisters are given 12 hours to take down the post before being summoned to a judiciary board hearing. Emily was given 4.5 hours instead, and was then summoned to the hearing, where she was terminated from the sorority 72 hours later.

Hines told YAF she was “upset” at the “hypocrisy and one-sidedness” of the events that took place.

The way this situation unfolded has been absolutely ridiculous. My religious beliefs have been pushed under the rug because the social construct of gender has become such a big issue,” Hines said. “My faith teaches me that God made male and female in his image, and that one cannot become the other. Members of the executive board told me my video was ‘widely viewed as…’ but how people perceive things is not my issue, in fact, that’s what makes our country diverse. We’re not all identical and all have different beliefs.”

Unsurprisingly, like most national organizations who bent a knee to the woke mob, the Alpha Phi chapter posted a pro-BLM post on their Instagram on June 3, 2020––despite telling Hines that “Alpha Phi does not side with political views.”

The distinct, hypocritical mistreatment of conservative students on campuses does not stop in the classroom– Campus Greek Life appears to be trading in their age-old creeds of sisterhood to appease leftists’ cry expelling anyone who disagrees with them.

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