Bottled Water is EvilJust when you think that environmentalists can’t get any wackier, now environmentalists at Loyola University in Chicago want to ban water bottles on campus. Their initiative is part of a national campaign to “think outside the bottle” and “protect and ensure public funding for our public water systems.”

Environmentalists want to ban bottled water because it isn’t as regulated as tap water. So, more government, and less freedom (as is typically the case) is their solution. 

It appears that they have overlooked how tap water in Washington DC had elevated levels of lead. This is despite all the regulations and government agencies that are in place to supposedly protect us. According to the Washington Post:

After tap water in thousands of D.C. houses tested above the federal limit for lead contamination, frightening residents and especially parents, the CDC published its analysis, playing down the health risk. 

I think I will stick with bottled water.

Earth Day Flier 2If you are confronted with these type of initiatives at your school, Young America’s Foundation will be glad to help you host a speaker such as Ann McElhinney (you can watch her recent speech at St. John’s University here) or Chris Horner.

We also have free fliers available for download on our website.

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