By: Illiana Lievanos

Loyola University Chicago, a private Catholic school, recently hosted a drag queen show for students according to a tip submitted through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tipline.

The event, hosted on April 29, featured Misty Terrain, the “Miss Gay Midwest USofA Newcomer 2022,” according to her Instagram page. The “Rainbow Connection,” an official LUC LGBTQ student organization hosted this event.

It is no secret as to how inappropriate and overtly sexual these drag events are, as more and more of them appear across alleged higher education institutions. This is not even the first drag race Loyola has hosted. In several videos obtained by YAF of past events, performers can be seen mocking the Catholic faith by having a nun dressed in the pride flag. Another “dancer” exhibits obscene gesturing and dancing.

“We are a Catholic University, and we have these events that go against Catholic principles on a moral level,” said Marco Aurelio Useche, a Young Americans for Freedom activist at LUC. “They make fun and attack Christians and Catholicism, yet we go to a school that doesn’t even wish Merry Christmas in its public emails. It is clearly an anti-Christian, biased campus.”

LUC did not respond to YAF’s question regarding the blatant disrespect for the Catholic values they claim to uphold.

Nowhere in education, especially in a Catholic institution is a drag event appropriate. Students are paying thousands of dollars to attend an institution that claims to align with their morals and faith––yet flies in the faith of Catholic doctrine. This is the Left trying to insert their grotesque practices amongst young people––yet they complain and rage when conservative events are hosted on campus. The indoctrination and double standard need to stop.