Eduardo Neret, a member of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at the University of Florida, tracked down a leftist just as the vandal tore down a poster advertising their upcoming lecture with Ben Shapiro. The confrontation is TV gold as the leftist realizes he’s been caught and tries to hide his face as Neret asks him about his destructive actions.

Thursday evening as night fell on the University of Florida’s campus, scheming leftists took to the campus quad in a feeble attempt to remove YAF chalking and posters advertising next week’s campus lecture with Ben Shapiro.

Young Americans for Freedom activists on campus were alerted to the vandals’ action and surveyed the scene. Instead of actually removing any of the chalk, it seemed the leftists thought tossing a cup of water would work. Clearly it didn’t.

When these attempts failed, leftists returned to the scene and added their own messages including “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” “TRANS LIVES MATTER,” then called Shapiro “the Racist” and a “HATE-MONGER.”

Ironically, one vandal scrawled “or you could do LITERALLY anything else and use your timely productivly [sic].” Perhaps it is actually the leftists who should be doing literally anything else productively.

One can only imagine the Left’s outcry if anyone tried to remove their chalk messages as they did to the advertisements YAF activists had chalked.

YAF activists at the University of Florida also uncovered a plot to hoard tickets by Students for Democratic Socialism, Indivisible Gainesville, and College Democrats, in another weak attempt to prevent their fellow students from having the chance to hear Ben Shapiro.

As we’ve seen time and time again, YAF activists bringing just one conservative speaker to campus causes the Left to take desperate action to prevent an ideologically diverse perspective from being offered.