Leftists at Loyola Marymount University in California are enraged that a new student senator for diversity and inclusion is a conservative, demanding she be removed for the position for holding conservative beliefs.

A story published by an LMU student news outlet highlighted new student senator Stephanie Martinez’s past tweets as a “cause for concern.” Her tweets, which advocate for strong immigration policies and support for the president, have ignited a firestorm in far-left student activists on campus.

A petition has been launched, titled “Impeachment of Stephanie Martinez from Senate seat for Diversity and Inclusion at LMU.” The petition claims that Martinez made “anti-immigrant” tweets, while claiming that she “used derogatory and dehumanizing language about immigrants” and “supported detention centers.” It has garnered just over 230 signatures.

“I do not plan to resign,” Martinez told YAF exclusively. “To resign would only mean that I am giving up my identity and my ideals or that I don’t believe them enough to fight.”

She went on to add that the central reason she is being targeted is for her support of the president on a very liberal campus. “It is despicable how a student-run ‘news source’ is allowed to demoralize people with opposing viewpoints and distort those viewpoints to their own convenience.”

How ironic that these so-called “diversity and inclusion” activists can’t handle hearing an opposing viewpoint. It’s not inclusive to shut down and demand removal of one of the only conservative voices in the student body senate, simply for holding conservative views. Martinez did not use “dehumanizing” language about immigrants– she simply took a bold stand for the common sense enforcement of America’s laws. Martinez would be an important, diverse voice in a sea of liberalism at LMU and leftists should be on notice that “diversity and inclusion” can’t and won’t only work when it’s convenient for them.