Ben Shapiro’s concise, compelling defense of American ideals has secured his spot as the #1 requested speaker on our nation’s campuses. America is under attack as never before from enemies both without and within, making the spread of thoughtful conservatism more important than ever.

TONIGHT, Ben Shapiro will continue his 2018 Young America’s Foundation campus tour at the University of Minnesota where he will dive into why the First Amendment and capitalism are so important to the American way of life. Shapiro has already reached record numbers of students this year on campuses and online through our exclusive YAF LIVE program. Tonight’s event is part of the Logan Family Advancing Freedom Lecture Series.

This lecture comes following a contentious month during which the university of Minnesota has repeatedly tried to apply different standards to this conservative event on their campus, relegating Shapiro’s lecture to a small venue far from the center of campus. Don’t miss out on Ben’s live response tonight, including what is sure to be a fiery Q&A session! Click here to register to watch LIVE at 8:00 PM ET.

Young people everywhere want to hear Shapiro’s message of limited government, personal responsibility, and individual liberty. He partners with Young America’s Foundation to support our mission of sharing a conservative message with students all over America. Share our live events with your friends and family to help us reach more of the next generation of American leaders.