On campuses across America, YAF activists have overcome and outperformed their leftist counterparts’ best attempts to stifle conservative speech, block activism initiatives, and obstruct speaking events (we’re looking at you CSULA, DePaul, Marquette, et. al).

These campus leftists are a reflection of the madness that runs rampant among liberals, and it’s not just limited to America’s colleges and high schools. At the national level, liberal policy makers, entertainers, authors, comedians, and journalists have fallen into the same inane trap of the leftists before them. So, we decided to take some time to highlight the most outrageous leftist leaders.

The Left never hesitates to remind the public when a conservative misspeaks, yet many outlandish actions taken by prominent liberals are never mentioned in the news, and the general public is rarely made aware of leftist flubs.

Instead of us picking the maddest of the bunch, we decided to put the question to you with YAF’s 2017 Liberal March Madness.

We’re starting with eight matchups between some of the maddest leftists we at YAF could think of, and letting you decide how the competition goes from there.

Visit twitter.com/YAF to vote for your choice each weekday at 12pm ET, and check back here to see the results of each showdown as the field of competitors shrinks.

Thanks for helping YAF crown the winner of Liberal March Madness!