By: Austin Reeder

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, triggered leftists have been very vocal on Twitter voicing their opinions about the decision. Not excluded from these groups are professors, many from top schools in our country whose takes on the ruling ranged from bizarre to outright criminal.

Siva Vaidhyanathan, Media Studies Professor at the University of Virginia

Siva had many reactions to the ruling, seemingly working his way through two of the 5 stages of grief:



James M. Thomas, Associate Professor at University of Mississippi

James proudly reaffirmed his promise of two free tickets to abortions like it was a raffle prize:

Chris Sprigman, Law Professor at New York University

Chris took a more moderate approach in calling for the elimination of the filibuster and stripping the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction:

Robert Reich, Professor of Public Policy at University of California – Berkeley

Robert is a fan of the classic packing the Supreme Court argument:

Maura Ugarte, Media Studies professor at The Catholic University of America

Maura gives a bizarre rant about oral sex:

A.J. Bauer, Professor at New York University

Bauer is calling for people to commit multiple felonies, and strangely enough, is dragging illegal immigrants into the equation:

Imani Perry, Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University

Despite being a self-described “cradle Catholic,” Perry is intent on dismantling an entire branch of government to keep murder legal:

Rebecca Stone, Assistant Professor at Michigan State University

Right, because telling your students not to be violent and respectful is a horrible thing to say:

This is the end of the list, but not the end of the leftist madness that takes place in our nation’s colleges and universities. YAF will continue to stand boldly against leftist indoctrination and intolerance for conservative viewpoints.