By Rhett Wilson

Dr. Ryan Hall, who taught English at Western Kentucky University for more than two decades, considers himself to be a “reasonable liberal.”  He recognizes that his side can sometimes takes things to the extreme. For observing and critiquing that very true reality and failing to comply with the administration’s demands, he’s now out of a job.

“The evidence is clear that reasonable liberals, centrists, and especially conservatives are being ostracized and punished,” he told Young America’s Foundation. 

Hall became concerned throughout the past few years as his department began to aggressively promote LGBTQ+ lifestyles and support irrational falsehoods peddled by Black Lives Matter. For example, in the midst of the 2020 BLM summer riots, the English Department signed a “statement of solidarity” with the controversial organization on behalf of all members of the department without first verifying that everyone agreed with the statement.

He believes that the Left’s current approach to educational environments is detrimental to free speech.

After making his concerns known to his administrators and refusing to back down, WKU ultimately decided not to renew the professor’s contract.

Hall is currently seeking new opportunities to establish alternatives in higher education. Hall said he “hope[s] that [he] might find a way to work with organizations and advocacy groups that are fighting to revitalize our universities.” 

In a spirit of optimism, Hall challenged students facing intolerance on campus to “be bold… challenge your professors and, if need be, blow the whistle by utilizing the office of civil rights on your campus and in your state”. He also encourages students to reach out to the media in order to bring attention to their situations when they become victims of viewpoint discrimination. 

The fact that professors are penalized for merely disagreeing with the Left’s radical agenda is clearly ridiculous. Hopefully, more academics will come to share Dr. Hall’s sentiments on the issues of free speech and tolerance.