The Trevor Project, a leftist gender and sexuality organization, is targeting children as young as 13 years old with social media advertisements that encourage them to join internet forums where they can discuss sex and other intimate topics with unknown adults, a Young America’s Foundation investigation revealed. 

The advertisement campaign, which has been running on Instagram and Facebook for nearly a month, features a brief clip of a Trevor Project spokeswoman claiming that the online platform can help its young users “find joy.”

“TrevorSpace is an affirming, online community for LGBTQ young people between the ages of 13-24 years old. Sign up today!” the advertisement’s caption reads.

In reality, TrevorSpace brings middle school students together with grown adults to discuss topics including gender confusion and sexual fantasies over the internet.

Multiple complaints reported to Common Sense Media’s internet safety service allege that the platform is rife with pedophiles and explicit content.

“It’s marketed as an age-appropriate safe space for all young LGBT people yet people can literally post about how they condone pedophilia and links to porn and the mods don’t care, theres [sic] so much explicit content on there it’s crazy,” a 14-year-old wrote in a complaint.

“A LOT of people are suicidal, and the moderation did and has done nothing about it, not helping the people,” another user wrote. “Pedophiles are on this site and the mods still haven’t or just recently have done something about it, despite MANY people reporting it,” the 16-year-old continued.

Indeed, Young America’s Foundation verified that there is a significant presence of content that is extremely inappropriate for developing young children on TrevorSpace.

“I would like to do this fantasy where I am the prisoner and you are my guard,” an adult user posted in the “Finding Friends” section of the forum. Although this particular section of the forum (which encourages in-person meetups) is marked with an “18+ only” advisory, the Trevor Project does not enforce any such policy. Approximately 72% of the 100 most recently posted threads and comments in this adult-only section are from minors.

Another thread, recently discovered by a concerned parent, shows a 15-year-old looking to find a boyfriend. “May be [sic] I would like to be your Boyfriend 😉” an adult male replied.

The platform features a “quick exit” feature. By triple-tapping anywhere on the screen, teenagers can easily exit the website in order to hide it from their parents.

The Trevor Project’s media relations team did not immediately respond to Young America’s Foundation’s questions regarding the Trevor Project’s efforts that may expose children as young as 13 years old to danger. This article will be updated accordingly.

Clearly, this forum is no “safe space” for young teenagers. Leftists are on a mission to indoctrinate the youth, and they’re willing to do just about anything it takes to achieve that goal–even if it means inviting minors into sketchy internet forums with predators lurking around every corner.