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By Patrick X. Coyle, Vice President

Even though college and high school campuses are traditionally liberal, you can make a huge difference advancing conservatism. With few job prospects, mounting college debt, and the Youth Misery Index at an all-time high, young people are looking for alternatives from failed liberal policies. 

Campus conservatives can provide those alternatives to encourage students to embrace limited government, free market solutions to bring America back. 

If you are not currently involved with a conservative club, be sure to join one on your campus or start a Young Americans for Freedom chapter at your school. Monica Crowley, a long-time contributor for Fox News says, “I encourage every college kid out there, if you have the opportunity, if you got the opening, you’ve got to start a YAF chapter on campus. You’ve got to start your own chapter there because when you do, you will find you will almost immediately, that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded college students. You will feel empowered!”

However, students often write us that they are disappointed that they don’t have more students involved in their club. 

Mark Levin and Jonah Goldberg both have advice to those who are worried about going up against the leftist juggernaut with only a relatively smaller group of students. Goldberg says, “Its ok to be outnumbered…you are the 300 at Thermopylae.”

Watch the video to for more of their advice:



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