If abortion is illegal, won’t dangerous, illegal abortions just increase?

This is a common argument from pro-abortion activists, and the answer is that of course some women will still seek abortions.

But this isn’t really what they’re arguing. Pro-abortion advocates believe that if abortion is legal, more dangerous abortions will put many more women in harm’s way. This is a myth.

Planned Parenthood’s own medical director admitted that 90% of doctors performing illegal abortions pre-Roe were physicians in good standing with the medical community. Prior to Roe v. Wade, the number of deaths from illegal abortions was fewer than 500 per year according to Planned Parenthood’s own statistician.

Even setting the actual numbers aside, when else do we decide that because something is dangerous, it should be legal? The fact is, abortion is always wrong simply because it ends the life of a unique, human, pre-born child.