So much for liberal “tolerance.”

Conservative students at Cornell University found their posters advertising an upcoming lecture by Young America’s Foundation President-Elect Scott Walker vandalized this morning, in the latest attempt by liberal tyrants-in-training to stifle conservative voices on campus.

The posters, which featured a photo of Governor Walker and advertise for his upcoming lecture on November 4, were scribbled with sharpie markers, and some were torn down completely.

This latest strike by leftists is no surprise–with similar instances of vandalism for Dinesh D’Souza’s lecture at University of Buffalo, Michael Knowles at Kennesaw State University, and Ben Shapiro at Stanford University, it’s clear that higher education is failing our students when it comes to offering differing perspectives.

Governor Walker’s “Unflinching Conservatism” lecture on November 4 is free and open to the public.