Leftists seem to follow the logic that if they rip flyers down promoting a conservative speaker, the speaker will not show up. That is the case at the University of Alabama, where, for the second time this week, the Young Americans for Freedom chapter has had their flyers ripped off the wall overnight promoting their upcoming lecture with Allen West.

Given their experience earlier in the week, chapter members hung up flyers last night again, but took pictures of every single board they filled to have as evidence in case leftists attacked again overnight. Sure enough, they did.

Here’s a picture of the bulletin board Tuesday night:

And here is the bulletin board after leftist cowards attacked it overnight:

The University of Alabama is considered a more conservative campus, yet liberals are still trying to suppress conservative events, as our chapter has seen.

Joe Ballard, chairman of the Alabama YAF chapter, told The New Guard, “I think that it’s terrible that people are ripping our flyers down for this event. Lt. Colonel Allen West is an American hero, and he is set to speak on fighting ISIS and  on minority advancement when he comes to campus.”

Lt. Col. Allen West is slated to speak at the University of Alabama on April 10 at 7 p.m. C.T. in North Lawn Hall on the threat of radical Islam.  You can watch this #OnlyAtYAF lecture live on our website at www.yaf.org/live.

Leftists at the University of Alabama seem to think they are “bold” by ripping up flyers. Let’s see if they even have an ounce of courage to show up and listen to what Lt. Col. West has to say.

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