Here we go again.

Conservative students at Stanford University found their flyers promoting YAF’s upcoming Governor Scott Walker lecture defaced and stolen last week, in another attempt by Stanford leftists to silence conservative voices.

Governor Scott Walker is slated to speak at Stanford on February 25 through YAF’s Preserving American Liberty and Freedom Lecture Series, exposing the lies of socialism and why freedom should always win.

Stanford conservatives have repeatedly been a target of vandalism from the Left. While preparing to host Ben Shapiro last fall, the group found their posters destroyed, and a banner promoting the lecture was stolen in the cover of darkness.

Stephen Sill, a leader of Stanford’s conservative group, noted that he was sadly unsurprised by the Left’s antics.

“As demonstrated by what happened to Dr. Art Laffer at Binghamton University earlier this year, these campus statists don’t care which conservative speaker we bring to campus, and they will continue to do whatever they can to ensure that their peers never have the opportunity to hear from unflinching conservatives. Needless to say, these pathetic attempts to limit student attendance will do nothing to hinder what will be a successful conservative event.”

For more information about Governor Walker’s upcoming lecture, visit our events page.