Here we go again—this time at University of Buffalo.

Leftist students defaced and removed posters advertising tonight’s Dinesh D’Souza lecture, which is being hosted by the UBuffalo Young Americans for Freedom through Young America’s Foundation’s Defending American Liberty and Freedom Lecture Series.

Just hours after the posters were hung, YAF members found their “We Don’t Need Socialism” flyers defaced with sharpie markers, with some vandals scribbling out the word “don’t” and others writing “f*ck capitalism.”

One intolerant leftist was caught in the act of methodically taking down YAF’s posters, claiming “I’m not destroying your property I’m just putting them over there.”

The YAFers at University of Buffalo are standing tall, and not backing down in the face of textbook leftist antics. They plastered classrooms with flyers for the event, and are expecting a strong turnout for the event.

Tonight’s highly anticipated speech will be streamed on YAFTV.