VIDEO: Leftists Chant ‘F*** White Supremacy’ in Front of Children to Protest YAF, Shapiro

Wednesday night a small group of roughly 20 leftist protestors were booed out of Ben Shapiro’s YAF lecture at the University of Wisconsin- Madison by hundreds of audience members.

After disrupting the lecture by shouting vulgar chants from the back of the room and surrounding Ben on stage, the group abandoned their protest and left the room, finding no favor with the Shapiro-friendly YAF audience.

Outside the venue, the protestors continued screaming chants like “f*** white supremacy” and “no racist police” in front of university police officers.

Notably, two young children were brought along by protestors who showed no concern about exposing them to the chaos and vulgar language. In fact, about 45 seconds in to the video, one protestor even attempts to get a child to clap along with their “f*** white supremacy” chant.

Watch Ben Shapiro’s full lecture, sponsored by Young America’s Foundation and organized by UW Young Americans for Freedom, below.