Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) activists at California State University – Los Angeles (CSULA) showed their campus that Blue Lives Matter after a group of irrational leftists had a meeting with school administration demanding the removal of campus police.

In an initiative organized and created by CSULA YAF secretary Kevin Amador, the chapter collected signatures for a petition to keep campus police at CSULA.

In addition, hundreds of American flags were on display spelling out “Blue Lives Matter.” CSULA YAFers also created signs accompanied by blue flowers to show appreciation for the hard work the campus police employs daily to keep students safe.

In a statement to  Young America’s Foundation, Amador explained his motivation behind creating this project.

“What motivated me to create this project was the constant vilification on police officers going on  in my campus. I feel like the police in our communities and country go unrecognized for their work. What really pushed me into going forward with this project was when the Black Student Union, Muslim Student Association, and CSULA SURGE demanded that the administration should abolish campus police. I felt that it was time to respond to their rhetoric and commemorate our police.”

CSULA YAF received tremendous support from students and the community for this activism initiative. While there were a few vulgar dissenters, the chapter was thanked by administrators and campus police for carrying out this project.

CSULA YAF chairman Mark Kahanding emphasized,

“We at CSULA YAF appreciate our police, that are always at our events because of how hostile and violent all the leftist are on campus against us. The Left seeks to remove the police on campus, which would allow them to disrupt our events or even worse.”

This project created by CSULA YAF shows the importance of the campus specific activism YAFers across the country create on a daily basis.  By boldly standing up in support of the police, CSULA YAF made sure the conservative voice was not drowned out by radical leftists.