A leftist TikTok influencer delivered a poem at a “Protect Trans Youth” rally earlier this week in which she made an analogy, comparing the motivation of a child to change his or her gender to something as fundamentally biological as having brown eyes. The rally, which took place in front of the St. Petersburg, Florida, city hall, was sponsored by a local women’s group in opposition to Governor Ron DeSantis’ Parental Rights in Education law, which went into effect earlier in the year.

“You are not allowed to have brown eyes,” her poem began. “It does not matter how long you have had them. It does not matter what shade they are. We have decided that those in your age group are convincing you to have brown eyes. We have decided that those older than you are grooming you to have brown eyes. It does not matter that scientists say that it’s perfectly natural to believe you have brown eyes at your age. They have been infiltrated by the media,” the reading continued.


The social media activist, whose name is Rain, identifies as a “pooner,” which is defined by Urban Dictionary as a short, non-passing “trans man” who wears a nosering.

Her analogy goes on to claim that only three percent of children who change their genders regret the decision and that “transgender” people are disproportionally murdered and raped as a result of hate crimes. Both of these claims are flat-out wrong, according to a study conducted by the Federalist

“We firmly believe in validating and supporting trans youth as they explore their gender identity,” the women’s organization that hosted the rally states on its website. In reality, their advocacy is causing lasting complications and emotional trauma for the children and young adults who become victims of this perverse ideology.